This portrait of a beautiful Sakalava woman from Madagascar was taken circa 1900 but her hair and dress look surprisingly contemporary!

This portrait of a beautiful Sakalava woman from Madagascar was taken circa 1900 but her hair and dress look surprisingly contemporary!

Shine Through the Adversity

Welcome, Let us Build…

Life happens . Every day. You may be running late for work, your boss is being a jerk or your companion insensitive. The baby might be hungry and crying and you can’t find your keys. These small setbacks and annoyances have no control over your inner peace and well being if you do not give control.

I shall explain.

It is our response to our circumstances that can cause us joy, pain or anger. I was on my way to a work and some guy randomly decided to be a jerk towards me because I would not entertain his advances. I am highly sensitive to the word Bitch as I am not a female dog and it is entirely opprobrious when used to dishonor women. However despite this, I smile to MYSELF as I know I am not of what he vulgarly voices, yet a Queen and Respected Lady and he certainly must not be yelling this at me? So I turn my head and move forward. With the smile on my face.

Shine through the adversity.

When the universe sends a curve ball your way, When The Everlasting tests you, look for inspiration and for the lesson and the blessing shall reveal itself. Some of my best experiences have been shining in the face of hate. Someone expects for me to fail or they actually obstruct my path in such a manner it looks as if they may have succeeded in their endeavors, yet when I hit the ground there is nowhere else for me to go but UP. What this means is when it feels as if all hope is lost, this is when we rise to higher power and higher consciousness, and this is the stage where growth occurs. We must be open and receptive to it.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anaïs Nin

People will knock you down. Life will knock you down. YOU will knock you down. Acknowledge that once you are down there is no place left to go but UP. Begin your upward spiral by seeking and seeing the solutions in your situations and not seeking only the problems. Talk about what you CAN do instead of what you can’t. Show those who said you will fail or who obstructed your path in some way that you WILL succeed, doing this by ACTION and not word as these types tend to take your words and use them against you.

Pursue your dreams, do what makes you happy, smile next time you lose your keys and tell yourself “I WILL find them!”  Seek the solutions, look for the inspiration and lesson in each test, aim to be better than you were yesterday, forgive yourself and those who caused you harm. Release and heal.

The Blessing will reveal itself.

And this is how you may shine in the face of your adversities.

Peace, Love and Intelligence ~ Black Lotus